Music Talk: Is Punk Dead?

Whither punk? The term still gets thrown about plenty, but as the panelists at Wednesday night’s critical-collective chinwag at Public Assembly will tell you, it “broke, sold out and eventually died” in the 1990s (but not before throwing some punches, bleeding onto the first two rows and soiling itself onstage, GG Allin-style, or at least we like to think so). 

Four music writers and editors of the event’s presenter, culture blog Vol. 1 Brooklyn, will congregate for The Future of What?: A Panel on Punk in the 1990s to talk about the genre’s monumental influence on politics and popular culture: Sara Marcus (Author of Girls to the Front: The True Story of Riot Grrrl Revolution), Eric Davidson (New Bomb Turks, Author of We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut, 1988-2001), Norman Brannon (Texas is the Reason, Author of The Anti-Matter Anthology: A 1990s Post-Punk & Hardcore Reader), Maura Johnston (The Awl, Village Voice). 

The Future of What?: A Panel on Punk in the 1990s, Wednesday, January 5, 7PM. 70 North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; (718) 384-4586. $3 suggested donation. RSVP on Facebook here.


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