Morning Massacre: Somebody Dropped the Soap

Was: $6,750,000
Now: $5,400,000
You Save!: $1,350,000

Thankfully, Halloween brings us to the end of our daily Morning Massacre series—this corpse is starting to smell a bit, no? Perhaps it's fitting that we end in Tribeca, such a symbol of Manhattan's boom over the past few years. Countless stories have been penned about the 10013 being the new home of NYC royalty, and while the $2,000-per-square-foot mark used to be unheard of Downtown, it has become de rigueur in many of the new developments that have popped up in the 'hood that De Niro built. And speaking of the De Niros, a couple of them just sharply dropped the asking price on this leftover 3BR condo in the new Pearline Soap Factory, a Karl Fischer joint at 414 Washington Street in the northwest corner of the nabe. That's not surprising: the building is finished and its sister building is rising across the street. But 20% off a fresh slice of prime Tribeca pie? The point has been made: Times have changed.
· Listing: 414 Washington Street [Elliman]
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