Missing: Mango, Brooklyn's Favorite K-9 Mascot

Anyone seen a really cute terrier? Foodie-world fixture and unofficial Red Hook mascot Mango - the Jack Russell belonging to Steve of Steve's Key Lime Pies - has gone missing

If you've ever bought, eaten, or even just seen a slice of key lime pie in New York City, it was probably baked by Steve Tarpin, owner and namesake of Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies. And if you've ever stopped by his bakery, peered into the window of his lime-colored car parked on the street, or spent time walking the streets near his Red Hook HQ, you've probably met Mango, Steve's impossibly cute wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier, who over the years has become a mascot not just for key lime pies, but for this slice of Brooklyn as well. (He may even be the city's most A-list living canine, now that Cindy Adams' Yorkshire Jazzy has gone to that great kennel in the sky.)

So news of 10-year-old Mango going missing on Saturday is no laughing matter. Tarpin posted this flyer throughout the neighborhood and on Flickr as well, asking for the return of "the hardest working dog in the key lime pie business." Apparently, Mango was last seen waiting for a piece of cornbread outside of Jake's BBQ. Anyone with a lead to Mango's whereabouts should drop a line to Tarpin via FlickrMail.

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