Miley & Max for Wal-Mart is Just So-So

Not surprisingly, when you put together Miley Cyrus and Wal-mart (with the talented Max Azria for good measure), you get a whole lotta nothing special (or as the folks at The Frisky put it: "meh").  Of course, it's the generic that sells, regardless of whether it has Hannah Montana's name on it, so we're predicting that this line will be a hit.  Heck, this line could be absolutely hideous, and it'd still probably fly off America's shelves.

The newly launched collection of junior and girls' separates includes benign vests, tanks, dresses and plaids that do no harm, but won't make any bold leaps above their $6 starting prices.  But, we digress. We just have high expectations when big guns like Max Azria get involved.

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