Memo to Hearst Fashion Assistants: Look Busy!

Nobody's saying "hiring freeze" at Conde Nast ('dem's fightin' words!), but the Observer did report last week that the mood seems to be a good deal chillier at 4 Times Square on the spending front. Now it looks like Hearst is following suit: WWD reports that company prez Cathie Black is even going "floor to floor" looking for ways to cut costs at the glistening Hearst Tower on 57th. Can't you just picture her clomping through the hallways finding fashion assistants gossiping in the closets yelling, "You there! What are you doing?"

Don't forget, this is the company that already closed the book on one magazine this year: the semi-beloved-of-tweens-everywhere Cosmogirl. What's next? Country Living? We're sure no one's going to try and pull the reins tight on Oprah ...

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