Madoff has a Madman's Signature

By now, everyone has seen the downcast gaze firsthand and read of the twitchy eyes, Bernie Madoff's tick that could have been a clue to the madness boiling under his calm demeanor. There was another clue, say graphologists, his signature. All compressed scrawl and jagged angles and wildly variable, it's the mark of a man out of control. But we know that now, so it's easy to go back, play Monday morning graphologist, and pour those sentiments into admittedly squirrelly penmanship.

In The Daily Beast, Allan Dodds Frank writes, "being illegible may have been integral to his strategy of being inscrutable," but again, easy to say now that we know that's what Madoff was doing with all those reams of transaction reports. Frank goes on to put the signatures of Ruth Madoff, and even Paris Hilton to the experts for their takes on how they stack up to Bernie's. Unsurprisingly Paris is more moral, but a bigger slut.

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