Williamsburg BBQ Wars

Williamsburg: Since we're in the dregs of winter, it's time to look ahead to a happier, warmer, more barbecue-centric time.

Williamsburg is getting its fair share of new restaurants these days but by far the most anticipated arrivals are two restaurants (that we hope will open by the summer): The reincarnation of the ever-beloved Pies 'n' Thighs and Zak-o-matic's new Brooklyn project Fatty 'Cue.

It just so happens that both are barbecue spots, it just so happens they're both massively delayed (guaranteeing a opening day hysteria), and it just so happens they are four blocks apart. Four. Measly. Blocks. Do we have a Robbie Richter v. Sarah Buck/Carolyn Bane southside barbecue war in our futures? Oh, please lord, we hope so...if either one of them can open.

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