Long Island City's New Prison (Oops, Make That ‘Prism')

Though its location leaves something to be desired, the new Long Island City condo building One Hunters Point was such a hit across all demographics (of real-estate-buying New Yorkers) that we're really not surprised another condo building is sprouting up next door on Borden Avenue. But what is this mystery building? Broker-blogger Andrew Fine has the scoop, and it's a doozy. Folks, we've got a Gilman on our hands. You might recall a previous design drawn up by Gilman Architects, the mind-exploding Lite-Brite spectacular known as Park Tower in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. But that one is still MIA, so LIC's "The Prism" (working title) is basically a condensed version, 81 units in a glassy tower 125 feet tall. The details are a little wacky—this is Queens after all—so join us after the jump for the rundown.

Fine writes:

This is no ordinary condo- this one comes with a 24 hour color light clock. As you can see from the rendering (which will soon be updated), there is a gap in the middle of the building that gives the illusion of a twist. That gap will be filled with a 24 hour light display with one color for every hour.

If the light show isn't enough, Fine also reports that the building will have a "water feature with a bridge to the lobby." Um, like a moat? Please, God, tell us there's a moat! And while this all may sound a little silly given current market attitudes/depression, we like Fine's take on The Prism: "The project is imaginative and the antithesis of the plain jane condos that have become all too common in LIC. For once, it looks like the creative spirit of LIC may be properly reflected in one of its projects." But will imagination equal sales?
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