Life of Pie

Francine Segan teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about pie (but were too busy eating it to ask)

Did you know the very first pie on record is a goat cheese-and-honey concoction from the Roman Empire?

Or that pie a la mode was made famous by New York’s Delmonico’s restaurant?

Or that – no surprise here – Americans tend to eat more sweets in troubled economic times?

These are just a few morsels you’ll pick up at the 92nd Street Y on Tuesday, as James Beard-nominated food historian Francine Segan takes you along a timeline of pie through the ages (part of her World of Tasting lecture series), discussing the evolution of this humble treat and serving up plenty of examples to sink your teeth into (literally). From the organizers:

Find out the stories behind pie-eating contests and the three-foot-high pasta pies served to Italian royalty; pie recipes that won $25,000; why the expression “American as apple pie” is grossly untrue and much more. Includes tasting of mock apple, lemon meringue and banana cream pies, tarts and savory pies. Recipe handouts allow you to indulge your sweet tooth at home.

Segan's wit and teaching style -- plus her impeccable taste in pies -- should have you all hopped up to roll (or eat) plenty of of the stuff on Thanksgiving, the pie-iest holiday of the year.

Pie Tasting and History with Francine Segan
Tuesday November 17, 7PM
92nd Street Y, 1395 Lexington Avenue; 212-415-5500
More info and tickets at

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