Bottom's Up: Least Important People In Nightlife Ranked

NYC nightlife blogger Down By The Hipster is making a list of the ten least important people in nightlife. And you're all invited.

The idea really raises a deeper point: Is there such thing as an important club promoter? DBTH calls the list, with aplomb,  "You're Ou'st: The Least Important People In Nightlife" and has asked for reader suggestions, which has led to all the inevitable name calling, accusations, thinly-veiled promotion, put-downs and clubby cat-fighting you'd expect. (And a vigorous defense of Noah Tepperberg you might not.)

Already Steven Lewis has gotten into a back-and-forth with various people claiming not to work for Jason Strauss and not to be Jeffery Jah. There's also a few choice non sequiturs about Mark Twain (honestly). Lewis got things off on the right foot by good naturedly offering to nominate DBTH, but then wondering if The Hipster qualified as being in nightlife. And things just get friendlier from there.

Most nominees will probably just be happy someone thought enough of them to add them to the list. After all, this list would not come out too different if it were made from the top down.

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