Kelly Osbourne Co-Ops Madonna's Style

A month after Tweet-confirming that she was the new face of Madonna's Material Girl juniors line for Macy's, Kelly Osbourne traveled to the East Village to shoot the new ad campaign with fellow megastar spawn — and, in this case, daughter-of-the-boss — Lola Leon.

Reportedly, the short-shorts-wearing duo chatted with WWD while hanging out at Lit Lounge and Mars Bar, two neighborhood institutions known for roots in the bygone grunge/punk scene. (Or, as Dari Marder, chief marketing officer of Material Girl-owner company Iconix, told the paper, clubs "that [Madonna] could have played when she was just starting.")

At 26, Osbourne is squarely in the post-juniors age-range. Nonetheless, she was emphatic about plans to wear the clothing, telling WWD that, "What I like about it is that it’s a brand for every woman, not just for young girls. They take high fashion and make it affordable and they don’t cut corners. And it’s so my style."

Nevermind that Madonna may not have actually played these gigs, and that the target demo for the collection are likely decades too young to appreciate the 80s club scene. It's clear that Material Girl marketers are after anyone and everyone who's ever belted "Papa Don't Preach" into a bedroom hairbrush — Osbourne-remakes included.

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