Kate Moss' Fall Collection for Topshop Launches Today

The supermodel's offerings for fall are a tad hit-or-miss, but of course contain the requisite number of vintage-inspired sexy dresses and bohemian printed tops.

It's true, we could probably live without the vaguely Chewbacca-looking $250 fur coat (maybe it's just us) and some of the pieces just seem a tad over-priced ($90 for a striped blouse? This is Topshop, right?), but then again there are plenty of things in Kate Moss' latest collection for Topshop that we're already lusting after. This slinky jersey dress with studs feels almost Alexander Wang-inspired, but with a lovely price tag of $145. Then there's also this curve-hugging leather pencil skirt with a saucy zipper up the back for $160.

Stop by the Soho store to see the pieces for yourself -- the collection just hit stores today, so this is your best chance to snap up the best picks in your size.

Topshop is located on 478 Broadway in Soho.

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