Kanye West Designs Sneakers

First of all, it should be said that we're behind Kanye all the way. His new song is off the chain, that whole Takashi Murakami collaboration was ingenious, and overall we've pretty much gotten over the fact that he's so full of himself that it's a wonder he can eat anything at this point.

We cannot, however, seem to get over your new sneakers. Help us, Kanye (and help the Refinery29 crew as well): Perhaps there's a rhyme or a clever metaphor that can put us into the mind set you were in when you created what, to us, appear to be thousands of bright red Gummi Bears molded into kicks. Are we off base here?

Frankly, we're not sure what's more frightening: the unabashedly tomato red hue of these sneakers, or the image of Marc Jacobs pointing at them in this picture on WWD: We can almost hear him saying, "What, what! Peep these kicks, yo!" For shame, MJ.

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