McGreevey's Advice On Surviving Love Scandals

Former N.J. Gov. Jim McGreevey knows a bit about shocking affairs

Surviving a political scandal that shakes the foundation of your family and essentially rewrites your personal and professional history takes three key things, according to former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey:

Honesty, humility and rededicating yourself to service and community.

McGreevey talked to The Today Show's Matt Lauer to give his perspective of what South Carolina's Governor faces after admitting a long-term affair with a woman in Argentina.

McGreevey, who was in office when he made his famous "I am a gay American" admission on national television with his wife at his side, had this advice for Sanford:

"Ultimately, the governor has to decide in his conscience and the quietness of his heart, where he is at."

McGreevey resigned from office in November 2004 after admitting an extramarital affair with a man he picked to be his homeland security advisor. The former governor is now divorced and studying to be an Episcopal priest.

McGreevey said he first had to be honest with himself and his family. Then he had to move forward with humility and try to rebuild relationships he'd damaged. Finally, he said, it was important for him to rededicate himself to the community.

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