Inside the 290 Mulberry LAByrinth

We recently covered the wavy outside walls of SHoP Architects' 290 Mulberry, showing it off from top to bottom, and now we offer a sneak peek of the undulous tower's insides by way of something called the 290mulberryLAB. We arrived at the corner of Mulberry and Houston and took a fun ride up in the construction elevator, rising quickly over the San Gennaro crowds below. Stepping inside we were greeted by some fairly creepy-looking creatures painted on the concrete and ductwork, seemingly doodles left behind by a clever construction crew. It soon became clear that these cute little critters were part of the CORE Group Marketing gang and together they led us through a warren of half-built walls, with forests of metal studs blocking the way at every turn. Soon we were overlooking NoHo and enjoying cocktails and munchies and perusing all the swank details to come. Then we went up higher, where the triplex penthouse stands tall, lording over the low-rise neighbors and offering unending views across all of Downtown. When this one is ready next spring it's gonna be swell.

Terraces stretch this way and that, ringing the upper floors and climaxing in a roof-top deck, perfect for a steaming hot tub. To the west is the rich red brick of the Puck Building; to the south are the greenery and graveyards of Old Saint Patrick's. To keep things real, the unending stream of Houston Street traffic calls out a constant reminder that the big city beckons. Another reminder is the bounty of food and fun that the Feast Of San Gennaro dumps at 290's doorstep each September. Not to worry: when seen from up high it's nothing but charm.
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