How Bad Does Atlantic Terminal's Target Suck?

One blogger went undercover - with a video camera! - to find out

Target stores are a bit like trees: everywhere else in America, they're lush, bountiful things, bearing blossoms and fruit, reminding you of all that's good and possible. But in New York City, they're often sparse, dirty, mangy affairs, but they're so rare we're still desperately giddy whenever we come across them.

Blogger F***ed in Park Slope does not mince words: She calls the Target store in the Atlantic Center at the intersection of Park Slope and Downtown Brooklyn the "Seventh Level of Hell." We agree that it sucks pretty hard: there's the idiot staffers, the perpetually empty racks -- like you're shopping for thread in wartime Warsaw -- and then there's what we call the Drop Code, an unspoken agreement among shoppers decreeing that if you pick something off a shelf and decide you don't want it, you just open your hand and drop it wherever you're standing.

But FiPS takes the hate to the next level with an undercover video camera, y'all. Racked likened the footage (the first installment in a four-part series, and you bet your sweet bippy we'll be checking back for the rest) to "early Michael Moore," and that's so apt. Enjoy.

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