High Fives: Blake Lively

When you're tall, sexy, and blond, we'd imagine it's tough to do wrong as far as fashion goes. But then again, you'd be surprised. Thankfully, Ms. Lively continues to favor simple, well-cut dresses and minimal accessories. Now, her dirty-hot posing style is a little much, but hey, can you blame her?

The editor of InStyle Magazine and Maria Sharapova even bestowed a birthday cake upon Ms. Lively shortly after this photo was taken at the after-party for a Tiffany & Co. and InStyle-sponsored event. (Full disclosure: The event was actually FOR Maria Sharapova, who was very well put-together, but, alas, less remarkable.) So we get that she's feeling a little buzzed about life. However, her exaggerated  hand-on-hip stance and I-rolled-out-of-bed hair does give the already-slinky ensemble maybe a tad too sexy-sexy.

But we digress: The dress is dazzling -- we especially love the contrasting black straps and the glittering embellishments -- and Lively accessorizes it just perfectly with black strappy heels and a simple bangle. Kudos.

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