Heath's Old SoHo Building Soon to Be Foreclosed

The high-priced SoHo building where Heath Ledger died appears headed for foreclosure.

Two of the four floors of the Broome Street building are now vacant, including the space Ledger rented at $23,000 a month. He was found dead there in January 2008 after an accidental drug overdose.

Artist Junia Neiva said in court documents that majority stakeholder Donald Burns had kept the apartments empty on purpose so he can steer the property toward foreclosure, according to the New York Post.

In her 2007 court case to block the foreclosure, Neiva said Burns' intention "was to make repayment of the mortgage impossible, triggering a foreclosure action, and elimination of her rights in the penthouse," the Post reported.

Burns owns the company that holds the building's mortgage, and would take over her penthouse if the foreclosure is finalized, according to the paper. In such a case, Neiva said she'd appeal.

Burns was unavailable for comment, the Post reported.

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