Lots of Stars, Few Shoppers at Gucci Pop-Up

After a star-studded opening over the weekend -- during which our intrepid contributor was unceremoniously kicked out for taking pictures -- it seems the SoHo flash sneaker store was rather neglected over the rest of the weekend by the shopping public.

The launch of Gucci's pop-up -- featuring limited-edition luxury sneakers made in collaboration with Mark Ronson -- hasn't exactly been without some hiccups. First off, Racked was informed that the pop-up was opening on Friday, but when they showed up to investigate, they found the windows were still papered up and the store did not, in fact, open until 10AM the next day. Confusion.

Our contributor, on the other hand, went to cover the launch party on Saturday, which boasted celebrities like Mary J. Blige and Mischa Barton, as well as Gucci creative director Frida Giannini and Mark Ronson (pictured). However, said contributor ended up getting tossed out for taking pictures. Indeed, it seems the lockdown on photos is rather intense: the lone shot a Racked photographer got of the store was captioned "No Photos (after this one) Allowed."

But after all that buzz, it seems the store has remained quite empty. Granted, the store is selling rather expensive sneakers (some of them run upwards of $1400, which does seem extreme for 2009), but it is, after all, Gucci. There's even a velvet rope.

Gucci Icon Pop-up: 43 Crosby Street, SoHo

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