Gossip Girl Sightings in Soho

Blake, Leighton, Penn, and more are spotted by the fashionable set downtown

Yesterday, Fashionista gleefully posted a picture yesterday of the NYPD "No Parking" sign heralding the arrival of a day of "Gossip Girl" filming in their Soho neighborhood. Since we, alas, are in midtown, there was little we could do but dream about "accidentally" running into the cast and reporting on whatever fashion-forward looks they were sporting for the new season.

Fortunately, Nylon was smart enough to send their interns downtown to try and catch a glimpse of the cast. And either said interns were very push or very attractive, because Mr. "Dan Humphrey" himself (a.k.a. Penn Badgley) was talking to them on Greene Street.

Fashionista had some star sightings of their own, catching Leighton Meester and Black Lively shoot a scene on what was probable the same corner -- Prince and Greene. Even better, they caught Lorenzo Martone supping at Da Silvano a few blocks away. Nice work, ladies!

Update: Fashionista's posted pictures of Blake and Leighton on set, looking fabulous! Leighton's metallic dress is particularly stunning.

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