Girls on Film!

Carmen Marc Valvo plans a very public runway show for fall

Last year, designer Carmen Marc Valvo opted to take his runway show off-site for the first time in over 20 years, showing at Citrine in Chelsea. Apparently, the feedback from the event must have been, er, mixed, because the designer is really stepping it up for fashion week in September.

On September 13, WWD reports that Valvo intends to broadcast his entire Spring 2010 runway show on the jumbo screens in Times Square--specifically, the NASDAQ and Reuters buildings, and possibly others. The show will be pre-taped (which is only a bummer because sometimes crazy stuff happens at live fashion shows ... like falls!) and watched by an adoring public crowd in the square, as well as the 300-plus folks the designer invites to a fancy cocktail party in Valvo's Times Square building. Here's hoping for an invite!

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