Gilt Fuse Launches Today!

The moment we've all been waiting for, the launch of Gilt Groupe's hipper-sister site, Gilt Fuse, goes down today at noon with the debut trifecta of Modern Amusement, Kova & T and Generra (fun fact: Generra produced everybody's favorite Hypercolor tees back in the day.  New stuff, nothing like that). Also, according to Racked, LaRok will drop on Friday!

After a mere, albeit wildly successful, two-ish years in business, the online sample sale mecca, Gilt Groupe, has expanded its empire to include these edgier (read: more affordable) brands to their deeply discounted repertoire. Beside the anticipation of the sales themselves, we're loving the look of the site - compared to Gilt's posh black settings in their self-styled, in-house shots, it looks like Fuse is going a smidge downtown and a bit more raw.  

Fuse will follow in the invitation-only format, but Gilt members have automatic access.  Get your engines ready, folks- the Fuse fun starts in less than T-4.

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