Geren Ford Launches E-Commerce!

Now you can shop the downtown-feminine label from the cozy environs of your own bedroom, should you so choose. We caught up with designer Geren Lockhart to ask about the big move to online, as well as to get some insider scoop on her upcoming collection.

First things first -- the new site. Not only is it fully stocked with the designer's trademark feminine-with-an-edge dresses and silky tops, we also appreciate the huge, gorgeous pictures of the items in question -- we like seeing all the details before we buy.

We asked Ms. Lockhart what she thought about the switch: "E-commerce offers the closest chance to enjoy a brand’s experience outside of a fashion show or brand’s store," says the designer. "Shoppers can see product styled and merchandized in a living format, as opposed to hanging on a rack."

If you're curious about her favorite pieces from her fall collection, apparently she's a big fan of the snap-arm crew (available online soon) and the three-pleat leather trouser ($495)  (we have to admit, the thought of wearing leather pants this fall has us seriously excited).

As for her upcoming Spring 2010 show, expect to see new categories and collaborations debut with the show in September, as well as "special runway-only pieces." We're certainly excited to see what that means ...

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