“Vice” Founder Gavin McInnes on Split From Glossy: “It's Like a Divorce”

Vice magazine's Gavin McInnes, godfather of hipsterdom and founder of the irreverent glossy, said he's kept his distance from the publication he helped found since his split several years ago.

“I haven’t seen it in a while,” McInnes told Niteside at the screening of his new documentary “A Million in the Morning” at Red Bull Space last night.
“Occasionally … friends will email me some link about marketing or something, but it’s like a divorce. Even a healthy, happy normal divorce you don’t really look into what your ex-wife is up to.”
McInnes has since moved on to other endeavors. He explores the depths of extreme sleep deprivation in his new documentary “A Million in the Morning.”
The film follows a motley crew of movie enthusiasts decamped in Times Square who stay up for several days attempting to break the world record for continuous movie-watching. McInnes found, unsurprisingly, that watching movies for five days straight can drive anyone insane as contestants began to hallucinate small animals and babble meaninglessly.
“It was hard with the German [contestant] because English is her second language so we couldn’t tell when she was delirious. They had EMTs there to make sure someone was removed when they were delirious.”
Despite the zaniness of the film, which takes places in Times Square, one of the city’s most iconic tourist spots, McInnes insists visitors should not be intimidated by NYC.
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