Fugees' Pras Hopes for Accountability for Haiti Relief

It has been a little bit under two months since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti and tonight at the Prince George Ballroom, Pras of Fugees fame will be hosting the launch of an annual fundraiser for his newest endeavor, the PrAsperity Project.

"The fundraiser we're throwing is to help build the infrastructure in Haiti," said the rapper during Fashion Week at Joonbug.com's Ugly Betty farewell party.

"My biggest thing right now is that the money that's being collected for Haiti from all the organizations ... actually gets to the Haitians, not the Haitian government because they're full of corruption. I just wanna make sure the Red Cross, UNICEF, all these people, [that] at least 80 percent [of the money they collect] actually gets to the people."

Pras' Project promises to rebuild outside of Port-au-Prince with the addition of a school, hospital and new homes. With fellow Fugees alumni Wyclef under recent scrutiny for his organization's efforts in Haiti, Pras said he is committed to making sure every dime raised goes directly to the Haitian people.

"We're actually going to the contractors down in Haiti -- if we collect $10, we're going to give that contractor $10. ... Whatever money we give to the contractor, he must hire Haitian people to do the work to start building an infrastructure," he said.

"Yele Haiti, Red Cross, UNICEF, all these organizations that are collecting money for Haiti, they're all under the microscope and scrutiny and [Wyclef] is no exception to the rules. That's not to say his patriotism for Haiti is questioned but he is going to be held accountable just as much as everyone else. And the people demand that. I'm going to stay on top of all of them."

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