Floorplan Porn: Rorschach Rental at 57th and Lex

[CURBD] 13Nov08FP.Porn.png.jpg

"MAJOR PRICE IMPROVEMENT - WAS $50,000 - ALL REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED..." So screams the listing for this nearly-symmetrical Midtown East duplex. Such, shall we call it, anal retentiveness attention to detail has the owners so thoroughly convinced of their property's appeal -- even after an $16,000 price chop from its $55,000/month initial asking price -- that they refuse to publish photos of its 7,000 square feet. We do have a floor plan though -- one that goes through great pains to draw the line between 'yours' and 'mine.' On the right, we have a conspicuously larger bedroom, and a bigger kitchen. On the left, a little less wiggle room. But this isn't a real Rorshach test, anyway -- so why not have both?
· Listing: 57th and Lexington [CitiHabitats]
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