Zandra Rhodes For M & S

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Zandra Rhodes, the fuchsia-haired eccentric British designer, is designing a capsule collection for Marks & Spencer.

Zandra says, "I've always found prints are so easy to wear they don't show marks very much, they make you feel wonderful. It's great to see my things out and I can't wait, I can see people wearing them with big hats!"

So of course the line, swimsuits, silk dresses, caftans and jumpsuits plus lingerie and accesssories, is covered in brightly colored prints. And everything's priced between $9 and $130, you can buy it online or in stores, which means pretty much anyone can get a piece of the legendary Brit woman.

Zandra, who was the star of the British fashion industry in the 70s fell off the radar for a bit before resurfacing with a full runway collection in 2006 and then a collection with MAC, a tribute to her own colorful make-up ways and a shout out in Influence, where Mary Kate mentions she's obsessed with collecting vintage Zandra caftans.

But vintage Zandra bathing suits? These are a much better option.

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