Would You Wear Your Prom Dress Again?

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It's prom time.

Stores are full of floor length tafetta, there are stretch limos in Times Square and teen based TV shows are heading toward their high school gym.

Which of course makes us think about our prom. I spent three weeks searching for the fifteen pound, multi-colored, wannabe Britney Spears costume that will haunt me forever. Abby wore a hot pink sequined number with matching press-on nails, custom dyed shoes and sparkly hose (Ed Note: The year was 1993. I swear it was cool, not tragic then). Britt wore a short black Audrey Hepburn-esque dress with tulle petticoats - clearly the smartest of us three.

There's a slim chance I'd wear mine, if it turned into a mini and had a leather jacket over it. Abby will don hers as soon as she gets invited to an-original-90210-90's-prom-themed party and Britt did re-wear hers to a formal in college.

The question eventually becomes, can you still fit into it? But prom is such a major moment and the dress is kind of the whole point. So whether it was ten months or ten years ago, will you ever wear it again?


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