Would You Wear Slashed Leggings?

slashed leggings would you wear.jpg

We're suddenly overwhelmed with the presence of slashed leggings.

They're on the What's New page at Shopbop, in the windows at American Apparel, at BBQs in Brooklyn and even uptown. We're not really sure where they came from - a strange hybrid of the ripped jean trend, spring's cut-outs and the not-going-anywhere love of leggings?

Our first question is, even if you're skinny, doesn't fat, or at least skin squeeze out of the spandex slits? Also, leggings are tight and uncomfortable post-40° weather so what time of year are these made for?

And how do the striped holes not rip into one gaping hole on the side of one's leg? And are they worn as pants or under dresses?

So tell us, if you don't answer to name Little J, are you wearing these?

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