Would You Like a New Outfit for That Attitude?

the style trajectory of jenny humphrey.jpg

Let's talk about Jenny's outfits from last night, shall we? Because, in a very true to life manner, Jenny's turned 15, picked up a huge attitude in the process, and is diligently reflecting her newfound not quite a woman self with over-the-top outfits and almost as much eyeliner as Jodie Harsh.

Her new look? A cross between Betsey Johnson, to channel that young designer vibe, and 80's Madonna via gobs of wannabe Gothic jewelry and a new don't-mess-with-me walk.

We love that Eric Daman goes so out of his way to reflect what the characters are up to sartorially (got to love Blair's Communion Day white socks in thigh-high form for Chuck seduction), but gray, fishnet knee-highs? In public? At work?

Quite a jump from her polka-dot socks / headbanded curly hair / big bag swinging from her elbow days, no? But maybe, since she's in high school, that's what makes it so real.

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