Would You Buy Expensive Grunge?

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I have a tiny friend who wears clothes that are often far too big for her, officially. No, I'm not joking about MK, but she's technically a big part of this, too.

My size 0 friend will buy say, a DVF blouse in a size 12, and suddenly, she's wearing a shirt dress nobody can pinpoint. And I think to myself, that's swell, but don't you want an expensive shirt to fit well?

And then the other day, I was at Ralph trying on sweaters, and the salesguy looked at the "L" label and then looked at me and did a double take (Editor's Note: Brett is "L" only in kids' sections.) Evidently, trying on things that are too big is not very common, at least not at RL.

Vera Wang talks about wearing YSL's Le Smoking jackets two sizes too big, and Chris Benz always wears sport coats too small, and maybe it's because they're super small, but the aforementioned MK and Ashley have made wearing things that oversized or undersized a way of life. And yet, I'm wondering, would you spend a lot of money on something that doesn't techincally fit?

And I don't mean buying "Alexander Wang-made to look like it's big but secretly designed to drape perfectly" oversized stuff. I mean seriously buying something that is meant to be fitted but you choose to get it super huge because you like it like that.

Britt says she only indulges in oversized clothes at places like Uniqlo so she doesn't feel like she's wasting money on an item that's expensive specifically because of its fit. But would you buy a too-large Lanvin or super sized Prada, price-for-fit be damned? Or is that kind of like buying a super expensive floor-length gown and rolling up the hem because you wanted a short dress?


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