“Women are Pretty. Men are Not.”

david gandy on vman cover.jpg

With the run up to LFW, I am constantly sat on the tube next to male models on their way to castings (really great for the ego on an early morning) and with so many male shapes passing through the underground, I have a front row seat to all the faces in VMan and Dazed.

The other day, I saw David Gandy, who's probably the most famous male model of the moment (you will recognize him from the D&G Light Blue commercial and does the 50-foot billboard in Times Square ring any bells?). Mario Testino is obsessed, Dolce & Gabbana created a calendar of him last year, and most women and gay men are enthralled.

So I managed to sneak a little chat with him about his job. His thoughts: “There has never really been a male "supermodel" because it is an industry dominated by women. Modeling is predominately seen as a woman's job, and they get a lot of acclaim and adulation from being a model. Men don’t."

He also told me how he felt about the Times Square billboards in his very shy manner, “Why would anybody want to look at my body?” and when I asked him if he had a hard time being pretty, he simply replied, “Pretty? How can a man be pretty? Flowers and women are pretty. Men are not”.

Take from that what you will.


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