Will the Real DVF Please Stand Up?

We're endlessly fascinated with the meeting of "real," "reality" and "fashion" on television these days, and the way it endlessly fascinates us despite our constant stream of questions and concerns. Like:

1. Doesn't Diane von Furstenberg (as in, the real DVF, not some character of herself she plays on MTV) care that the entire world has now watched her discuss Whitney Port's love life on prime time?

2. Doesn't Whitney Port care that the only time she actually got to talk to the real DVF (who, let's face it, is always present with her on-screen self) was during a work party where she spewed about her boyfriend instead of about wanting to do more with her job?

3. Also, don't the producers care that DVF just repeated the same advice we've heard her give several times?

Please, discuss this moment in true tele-reality. Because when Diane started playing with her hair and asking legitimate questions about Jay, we lost too many brain cells to think on this any further.

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