When Britney Met Balenciaga

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From: billythekid@popfan.com

Dear Fashionistas,

I don't mean to be a traitor to my generation, but I don't understand how pop stars get dressed.

I was having my morning Sanka and scrolling through dlisted when I saw this promo pic for Britney's new album.

It was like, "Woah deja vu!"

Where had I seen that skirt before? Then it hit me like a ton of unread Vogues that the skirt is very similar to Balenciaga F/W 06, (the same collection that gave birth to the Olsens' favorite platforms). The skirt isn't an exact replica, but methinks it's a modest retail version of its crotch-grazing runway cousin.

First Rodarte, now Balenciaga? Am I going insane or have my fashion eyes deceived me? And why are her stylists bringing her old but not vintage pieces when there's so much new stuff out there to be worn? Dolce & Gabbana's S/S 09 collection would fit the album's theme perfectly. I have no other recourse than to bring my questions to the lovely panel at Fashionista. HELP!!


Billy the Kid

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