When Bigger is Better


If you live in New York, you know that we have been cursed with some downright nasty weather these past few weeks. It's rainy and muggy and dark almost all day long.

Almost as depressing is what it's doing to our hair. Fluffy, frizzy, mess is a bit of an understatement. Which makes these shots of Lara Stone for Eres all the more enviable. We've been ogling them ever since they were first released.

Of course, she's ridiculously attractive no matter what, but how sexy are these? And of course the expensive lingerie doesn't hurt either. But now we've begun to fixate solely on the curls. Now this is how you do big hair.

We're thinking it might be time to bust out the big curling iron and our Bumble and bumble Surf Spray and embrace the insane humidity.

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