“What's in Your Bag?” – The Mary-Kate Edition

This week, we took a field trip around the corner to the Young & the Banging gallery.

TYATB is a book showcasing 200 faces of "who's next" on the creative circuit, curated by Heron Preston - and if you haven't heard of him, you will. Purple calls it "the fascinating new generation born into the realms of fashion, art and success," and though It may look like a grip of NYLON interns at first (well, some of them are), it really is a solid collection of some great new talent.

We set up shop on "School Photo Day" where anyone can come in and get their picture snapped yearbook-style and tour the exhibit (highly recommended). So after I got my pic snapped (after the jump!), I met up with Mary-Kate's stunt double, a mother-son duo, and the cutest intern we've ever seen.

The Young & the Banging is at 255 Elizabeth Street, and you're all invited to the final School Photo Day and closing party this Sunday, Sep. 28th from 8-11pm.


PS - Yes, we too, have switched to Vimeo.

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