What's Going on with Leighton for Reebok?

leighton meester for reebok and smirk.jpg

Way back in November, Leighton Meester was photographed doing a Reebok shoot on the street.

Just today, Vogue UK's reporting about the campaign, and also saying that the CW star is set to do "another" campaign come mid-May.

But since we've never seen any of the Leighton/Reebok images in any magazines, and since Vogue UK's still reporting that Agyness has had a Reebok campaign, too (she hasn't) we're just as confused as Blair Waldorf would be if she could see herself wearing trainers in public.

Stay tuned for more answers.

In the meantime, would it add a dash of much-needed realism to GG if they brought in some more gym class scenes, closely followed by less than perfect hair?

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