What Are You Buying?

balmain jeans are way too much money.jpg

Even though we hear/read the r-word a jillion times a day, we also read stuff like this:

Mulberry just reported that their recent holiday and January sales beat last year's by 30%, without even having to put their bags on sale til after December.

And we're pretty sure you know all about the $2,165 ripped, "motocross" Balmain jeans that Net-a-Porter can't even keep in stock, regardless of their stitched-in expiration date.

But, how is this happening right now? Or better yet, who is buying this incredibly expensive stuff?

We understand shopping through down times - sample sales and vintage stores are doing quite well right now - but full-price items that cost more than most NYC rent?

So we're wondering - is it you guys? Please, tell us what's getting you to drop your thousands (if you still have them). We really do want to know.


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