War and Peace


If you're looking for something to do in the city over the long weekend, perhaps you should consider a trip to the Michali Fine Art Gallery on the Lower East Side to check out Hedi Ferjani's exhibit "The Art of War"

Now, of course, Hedi's not new to the scene having created the masks (recently shot by Steven Meisel) for Erin Fetherston's show last season and directing the short film for her Target collection. (His mom even worked at couture houses like YSL and Lanvin.) And we hear there's a W profile in the works.

What's cool about this exhibit (and what has the fash crowd newly obsessed) is the ironic play between something glamorous and something destructive, as in pretty guns and grenades. But we'll let you make your own interpretations.

Once you've seen the show, head on back here and let's have our own little web discussion group, because we really miss that about college.

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