Want to be a Fashiongänger?

galliano pirate.jpg

Halloween is exactly one week away, and we bet you're clicking all over the place trying to find Karlesque shades, aren't you? Yeah, we know.

So we thought we'd get the ball rolling for you.

Here we go:

White shirt + neck-tie chain charm + fingerless gloves + black shades = Karl

Pirate hat + eyebrow pencil (for tiny moustache) = Galliano

Floppy bow-tie + black-rimmed glasses = Alber Elbaz

Orange hair spray + loads of buttons + asymmetrical blazer + anything with a union jack on it = Vivienne Westwood

Fake tan + blonde wig + tight dress = Donatella Versace

Wrap dress + teased brown hair = Diane Von Furstenburg

Costumes are so much easier when designers dress like pirates everyday, isn't it?


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