Vogue Best Dressed 2008, By the Line

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We hope you weren't planning on cracking open your January Vogue until your holiday plane ride, because we really want to talk about it.

If you've already flipped through the issue, then you've probably studied their The 10 Best Dressed 2008 list, and had the same huh's, um's, and what's as us.

So let's go in order:

1. Blake Lively: We get that she's next month's cover girl and the bodacious blonde of this generation's 90210, but when we think of her clothes, we generally think... actually, we don't.

2. Anne Hathaway: The January cover girl, so, enough said.

3. Laura Jarrett: Who?

4. M.I.A.: Ok, this one's a go, especially since she claims that leggings are her "staple" in the text box, and that didn't make us roll our eyes.

5. Elettra Wiedemann: Agreed. We've seen this girl in liquid gold pants with no makeup before, and we don't mean that negatively.

6. Alexa Chung: Perhaps, but we wonder if she would be on this list if she wasn't British.

7. Bianca Brandolini: Fine. On a side note, what was the minimum dollars needed in your bank account for this list?

8. Sonja van Bebber: See #7.

9. Dasha Zhukova: Can't say we really think about Dasha at all, but the text and pictures were certainly convincing, so ok.

10. Raquel Zimmermann: Agreed, Raquel always looks amazing, but might this have to do more with the body rather than the clothes?

Curiously missing: Marion Cotillard (anyone who can make couture look like she picked it up off the floor a minute before leaving deserves a mention), Cate Blanchett (she can do no wrong), Ashley Olsen (yes, we said it), Bonnie Morrison (just check out her Sartorialist flip book if you need further convincing), along with so many others.


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