Tim Blanks & the Fashion Gauntlet

Getting to a fashion show, especially in Paris, is a little bit like running a gauntlet.

First, you have to find where you're going, then you have to battle your way through the really good street style photographers who hang out on the perimeter of the venue to get the best shots, then you encounter a literal mob of Japanese photographers before dealing with the French security guards who couldn't care less who/what/why you're there.

Tim Blanks tackled the issue for
- or at least attempted to. He caught Sarah Rutson, Anne Christensen and Natalie Massenet discussing the pros and cons of the street style phenomenon but didn't manage to talk to a single street style photog.

The best part comes when he asks Anna Della Russo why it's such a thing now and she says, "People want to see fashion on the real people." Seriously?

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