The Season the Music Died

the virgins kick off fashion week.jpg

In high school I depended on my car radio for new music, in college, boyfriends and now Fashion Week.

Its introduced me to bands like Beirut, the Virgins, She & Him and MGMT over the years and now that my iPhone's armed with Shazaam and I don't have to shamelessly harass the DJs everywhere I go, I was ready to walk away with a list of downloadable tunes.

Unfortunately, it's just not happening. Instead, models are walking to instrumentals and old standbys like "Welcome to the Jungle" or "Electric Feel" (yes, again). At Erin Fetherston there was wind up doll music, at Preen electro beats, at Charlotte Ronson Sam played Etta James and Peggy Lee.

I'm sure it all relates back to the economy in some way - the season's go-to scapegoat. Are older, well known songs and soothing instrumentals supposed to be comforting and reassuring?

I need tonight's Chris Benz presentation to kill the trend.

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