Social What?

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We've been getting loads of pitches about fashion social networking sites and we don't really get it.

The sites, for the most part, appear to be places where one can go for shopping advice. Each caters to a slightly different crowd or offers vaguely different services. On some, you upload pictures of yourself in outfits and ask for advice while on others you tick off your favorite stores or styles and either editors or fellow community members offer style advice.

While we're of the shopping-alone persuasion - I hate shopping with anyone - we know there are people out there who consider it a social experience and need input from everyone from their friend to the shopgirl to the cashier in order to make a purchase.

Based on our experience both in retail and in fashion, that girl isn't the fashion obsessed girl; she isn't the customer scouring the internet for all things fashion related, which means there's a giant divide between these sites and their target audience - not to mention a new version pops up almost daily.

Unless we're totally off and you've forgone Barneys and Net-a-Porter for a communal virtual shopping experience.

But have you?

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