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The Costume Institute at the Met is finally getting its own audio guide.

We never understood why one of the most popular, (at least in recent years), galleries lacked an informational tour to go with it. The clothes are fun to see, but left without any context other than the obligatory opening paragraph, one's forced to imagine the stories behind them and the historical context in which they fit.

So, thanks to Harold Koda, the curator responsible for most of the institute's recent success, visitors will get ten times more out of their Costume Institute experience.

And of course, when we're talking about clothes that range from pre-Poiret to Paquin to Prada one can't have just any narrator. Sarah Jessica Parker's already recorded Costume: The Art of Dress which will cover most of the museum's clothing and other pertinent works of art.

It'll be fun to hear Carrie's voice, we just hope an historian wrote the script.

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