Sex and the City: Part Blah

I didn't think this gloomy day could get any worse.

But now, on top of thinking about K-Swiss when Chuck Bass comes on the screen, I have to think about the Sex and the City sequel.

Thanks, Kim Catrall (she confirms its existence at about ten minutes in).

I hated the first movie's wardrobe. The eclectic and charming use of vintage, high street, designer, and couture fashion that made the show so much fun to watch was missing from the big screen. All the vintage was designer vintage, all the "risky" outfits came from the runway, and every single outfit was An Outfit. All the fun parts were missing.

So now that the women aren't just older, but plain old, how will Pat put the fun bits back into the wardrobe? Because honestly, the plot will be shit - there is absolutely nothing left to say about these women, or Big - and the clothes are all we have to look forward to.

On a related note, wouldn't it be wonderful if they shot the entire thing inside so that we don't know what everything looks like months before?

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