Scoop's Friends Turn Foe

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Poor Scoop.

The New York-based boutique's having a rough time of it and it sounds like things are just getting worse.

Diane Von Furstenberg was the top selling brand at their Meatpacking District location until Diane decided to open up shop across the street in March of 2007. Agreements were made to guarantee different merchandise in each store, but customers were confused and ultimately chose to skip across the street and buy DVF clothes in DVF's digs.

So then Tory Burch was the top selling brand. The Scoop customer loves a pair of logoe-d flats and double T'd cardigans and we, (ok, I know all this because I used to work there), couldn't keep them in stock. But now Tory's heading west and opening up shop across the other street on Washington and Little West 12th.

But Scoop will always dominate the designer t-shirt and jeans world, or would, if Vince wasn't opening up their own store on the same corner, and Paige Jeans smack dab in the middle of the four Meatpacking Scoops.

So what happens to Scoop when all the brands they sell open their own doors within a one block radius? And what about if/when Barneys finally opens and they sell everything that's already on Scoop's shelves and then some?

Will they go so far as to shutter their Washington Street doors? Or will they attempt to revamp the specific locations with brand new lines and a very different vibe from their other stores? Either way, we hope they're on it.

Time's running out.

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