Rogan vs Salvor


Rogan has teamed up with NYC-based Salvor to create a capsule collection of jeans and tees that will be sold exclusively at the Rogan Bowerie store at 330 Bowery.

And we know you're like, "Who's Salvor?" so here it is: He's a graphic designer who's yielded many a cool picture of shirts, jackets, scarves, belts and bags printed in what has to be his signature style - puzzle-like designs and cubic checks in both subtle colors and neons. We must say it all looks very Rogan appropriate so we're really excited to see what the duo produce together.

According to the press release, we can expect subtle Salvor patterns and imagery printed over the top of Rogan's tees and jeans, and one-of-a-kind printed jersey women's tops.

The collection launches September 25 and customers will receive an exclusive Rogan-Salvor denim pouch with purchase. We would get there quick if we were you - we have a feeling all the LES kids'll be lining up...


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