On the Other Side

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On the one hand we have the thigh-high boots and on the other, the brogue.

It's popping up slowly, with more opportunity in summer than swaths of leather up to one's nether regions, but we're expecting an onslaught of the men's shoe come fall. Sure enough Olivia Morris, Cordwainers graduate and cobbler to the fashion stars, has collaborated with traditional English brogue makers Grenson.

Together the two have produced the other shoe of the season in fresh color combinations, with heart shaped cut-outs, velvet laces and slightly smaller sizes.

You have to call to order: 020 8962 0353 (that's British so don't forget the +44) and they start at £300. But, if you'd prefer something more neutral both in price and color, we found the perfect black patent pair at Ludivine this weekend.

We still haven't decided which side to land on.

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