OMFG, The Kids Today


Given our Gossip Girl obsession, I felt the need to weigh in on the situation that is NYC Prep, fashion news or not.

While I anxiously await Daily Intel's highly specific (and sure to be hilarious) recap, I'll just share a few quick thoughts.

I was obviously expecting an abundance of egregious behavior and inflated egos from these privileged youth...they were worse than expected. It was kind of nauseating to watch. Fictional romps on GG = good. Real kids acting like a-holes, not so much. Note: PC, sir, you are no Chuck Bass.

Plus, I was less than impressed by the clothing—which is supposed to be one of their "things", yes? Personal shoppers do not a stylish girl (or boy) make. And Sebastian, really with the hair? We think Rolando could give you some serious advice.

Blair, Chuck, Serena, and even Little J would be so disappointed.

Fashion quote of the show for sure was from Jessie's friend, Zoe: "I wear clothes that are less than $20 sometimes." I don't even have words...

Are these kids giving their private school counterparts across the country a bad name? Or just our fair city of New York? I, for one, have never been more proud of my public school diploma.

Yet, I know I will still watch every episode of this silly show. What does that say about me? Are you with me? Or are you a more culturally sound person?

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